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Mapping Disaster Response

A natural disaster can hit at any moment. For search and rescue teams the first hours post-event are critical and the ability to gain situational awareness by gathering information quickly and…

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Expediting Aid Delivery with Aerial Imagery

Through their use of GIS, the Geospatial Insurance Consortium was able to get relief to the victims of Hurricane Michael in hours rather than weeks.

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The Digital Transformation of Search and Rescue

This presentation will highlight the use of GIS technology in the US&R world and how it has changed our response. US&R has historically used some form of GIS technology but within the past…

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Optimizing Catastrophe Responses with Imagery and Analytics

The worlds leading insurers are coming together to help improve disaster response after catastrophes like hurricanes and wildfires. See how the Geospatial Insurance Consortium (GIC) and Esri provide…

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Hurricane Explorer

Video of Hurricane Explorer --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Follow us on Social Media! Twitter: Facebook:…

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Avoiding Common Pitfalls in Spatial Analysis

Accuracy matters before, during, and after catastrophic events. However, as insurance portfolios continue to grow across larger geographic areas, it becomes more difficult to accurately analyze and…

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Managing Risk through Location-Intelligence

The broad availability of sensors and real-time feeds has driven a tectonic shift in risk management. The insurance industry now has access to an extraordinary amount of data that is changing how…

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Are You WebGIS Ready for the Next Disaster?

In the next installment in our Emergency Management webinar series, join members of the Esri Disaster Response Program (DRP) to learn what it means to be WebGIS ready for the next disaster. Based on…

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E360: Timothy Oliver, Horry County, South Carolina

With 60 miles of beach in a county often hit by hurricanes, GIS is crucial to Horry County's emergency management efforts. In 2016, the county used Esri's Drone2Map to map the before and…

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EGUG - Birds of a Feather Webinar Series - Aug 17, 2017

EGUG touch point before GeoConX and also a presentation by Colquitt EMC discussing how they recovered and restored outages after Hurricane Hermine in 2016.

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Esri 2017 SES: NEMAC

How can GIS help respond to environmental challenges such as wildfire, drought, hurricanes, and flooding? Watch this presentation from Esri Senior Executive Summit (SES) 2017.

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