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The Power of Geography

At the Redlands Forum on December 15, witness an engaging conversation between two influential leaders in the fields of geography and education, as Esri Jack Dangermond and National Geographic CEO…

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A Geographic Approach Strengthens Environmental Health Practices

Environmental health workflows are disorganized if they are not streamlined through a standardized system. Geographic information system technology improves operational efficiencies, complies with…

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The Geographic Approach for Utilities - Matt Piper

Matt Piper, Global Director of Utilities, Telecom and AEC, discusses Applying the Geographic Approach for Utilities .

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Closing by Jack Dangermond

Jack Dangermond will discuss Esri’s commitment to Ocean, Weather, and Climate science and how the geographic approach is helping address current challenges.

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GIS Day 2022

A special message from Jack Dangermond, President and CEO of Esri, about the importance of getting involved on GIS Day. Visit to register and find events or access resources.

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Building the Foundation for an Integrated Geospatial Cloud for Business

Although there is no exact path for the Geospatial Journey within any business enterprise, Esri solutions professionals have been working with global organizations to develop a geospatial cloud for…

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Keynote Closing

Join us as we conclude the discussion about how the geographic approach helps organizations prepare and adapt to a rapidly changing world, and better respond and recover from significant events.

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Building a Safe and Resilient Future - Part 2

Join us as we continue the discussion about how the geographic approach helps organizations prepare and adapt to a rapidly changing world, and better respond and recover from significant events.

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Petroleum User Group Committee

The Petroleum User Group Steering Committee (PUG) welcomes attendees to the Esri Energy Resources GIS Conference. Learn more about the PUG and how you can become more involved in this collaborative…

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Learn how ExxonMobil is taking 3D across their facilities, using technology to collect, manage and engage with their teams, and introducing a new way of working that adds greater business value…

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OMV Downstream GmbH: Building a 3D Refinery Model

Digital transformation is a key component of the vision of OMV Downstream GmbH and the organization is moving from 2D to 3D to help meet this goal. In this segment, OMV Downstream GmbH shares how…

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Seneca Resources Company, LLC

Learn how Seneca has embraced GIS mapping and visualization to share information across the organization, creating greater value to meet regulations and the company’s environmental, social and…

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Site Scan for ArcGIS

Building a library of site imagery, models and orthomosaics using drones saves time and money on equipment inspections, increases field worker safety and helps identify potential risks. Learn how in…

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ArcGIS Developer Tools to Extend, Automate, Configure and Create

In this demonstration, hear how Esri’s developer tools can help organizations extend ArcGIS to customize workflows and better manage business needs.

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With a shift to renewable energy over the last few years, bp established a renewables exploration team to better understand where opportunities and demand were most prevalent so they could maximize…

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Leveraging Deep Learning Models

Learn how to use deep learning models in the Living Atlas of the World to automate workflows that were previously a manual process.

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