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DOT Webinar: Addressing the Impacts of Infrastructure Investments

Esri recognizes that the transportation industry must take bold new approaches to shaping our future. Understanding what is in front of us in a real-world setting will help decide whether we maintain…

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All Roads with Roads & Highways - DOT Webinar Series

Supporting the All Roads Network with Esri's Roads and Highways. The Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) has required that each State DOT submit an All Roads Network with their Highway…

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Assessors – Engaging your Constituents

From Open Data, citizen reporting and simple webmaps, ArcGIS provides all the capabilities for modern constituent engagement. Learn more, here:

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Mobile Field Data Collection - DOT Webinar Series

Move from paper to modern workflows, and seamlessly integrate your field crews into your office data collection procedures with Esri mobile technology. The goal of your GIS information system is to…

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Configuring a 511 Site - DOT Webinar Series

Your customers want the latest traffic information in real time, and delivered on the device of their choice. Learn how you can easily build the latest traveler information site with Esri technology.…

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Managing Imagery for DOTs – DOT Webinar Series

Learn how you can leverage the imagery you have, to empower users throughout your organization. In today’s Departments of Transportation, imagery (and LiDAR) becomes an integral component of a…

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Managing Winter Maintenance with GIS – Public Works Webinar Series

Esri developed Snow Common Operational Picture (SnowCOP), an ArcGIS application that enables winter maintenance professionals to plan for, monitor, and respond to snow and ice events in real time.…

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Uncovering the Power of Your Data with Insights

As a large transportation organization, you have no shortage of data, but you have few ways of transforming that data into actionable intelligence. Discover how Insights for ArcGIS can help you…

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Imagery Management for DOTs – DOT Webinar Series

The need for high quality imagery is universal in State departments of transportation (DOTs). From planning applications to the design process, and through operations and maintenance, most divisions…

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