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Understanding Cities, Shaping Their Future

Norman Foster and Partners' Bruno Moser and Theo Malzieu illustrate how architects can change the way we think about and interact with buildings, public infrastructure and cities. Learn how GIS…

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When the Creek Does Rise

When disasters occur and decisions must be made quickly, decision-makers need timely hyperlocal updates. Regions Bank's Grant Mullins demonstrates how Esri technology is used to track natural…

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Combining GIS and IoT to Create Smart Airports

Since 1998, the Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta Airport has been the largest and busiest airport in the world. Discover how a partnership with GISinc and Acuity Brand Lighting led to a monumental…

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Going Skyward with Geospatial

As the fastest growing city in Europe, London is experiencing a tremendous shortage of real estate for both residential and commercial use. A rich history and strict planning guidelines require new…

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Insurance and a World of Connected Vehicles

Autonomous vehicles are quickly emerging as a viable solution for manufacturing and logistics. As an increasing number of fleets are automated, how will this affect the insurance industry? Strategy…

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Enabling Business Transformation with Technology

When the stakes are high and you have everything to lose, who can you trust? Sophy Liu introduces how Bristow Helicopters partnered with GeoDecisions to transform its business using spatial analysis.…

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Big Maps for a Big Project: A Crossrail Story

Hear how Esri's ArcGIS helped organize data and understanding at Crossrail, one of the largest infrastructure projects ever conceived. Daniel Irwin shares some of the secrets to keeping this…

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Digital Transformation Strategies: Practical Insights for Modern Businesses

IDC's Shawn Fitzgerald moderates a panel of executives and analysts to discuss how today's companies can implement a location strategy to transform cumbersome business processes.

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The Future of GIS (and how to make it real)

Esri's Brian Cross demonstrates how companies large and small are embracing a location strategy to set themselves apart from their competition and thrive in today's digital economy.

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Mobile Location Data: A Revolution in Trade Area Modeling

The benefits, accuracy and value of spatial data continue to evolve. The data and insights derived from it are becoming increasingly powerful and transformative on scales once thought unimaginable.…

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Finding and Telling Data Stories That Drive Real Estate Decisions

New York—the ultimate challenge to retailer models. What does it take to truly understand the neighborhood and tourist dynamics in America's most diverse city? From the city that never…

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The GIS Journey at Chick-fil-A

Join Chick-fil-A's Chan Lee and learn how organizations can undergo large scale digital transformations by providing solutions to granular obstacles. Discover how over the span of two years,…

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Welcome to the 2017 Esri Business Summit

In today's highly competitive market, businesses must embrace disruptive technology to gain a competitive advantage, but it starts with people. Esri's Helen Thompson discusses how, in this…

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