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Modernizing GIS: Metrics That Matter

Esri adoption strategy consultant Michael Green explains how GIS leaders who are tackling a modernization effort can elevate the value of their geospatial solutions, and shares examples of…

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Workshop: Creating Organizational and Geospatial Resiliency

Esri adoption strategy consultant Chris Vokaty discusses the importance of resiliency when faced with the unexpected, and how Esri's one-day workshop helps individuals, teams, and entire…

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Workshop: Building Organizational Agility and Enabling Change in a Geospatial World

Esri adoption strategy consultant Chris Vokaty briefly explains how this one-day workshop helps individuals and teams expand their ability to adapt to change, weather disruptions, and actively seek…

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Workshop: Preparing for Change

Adoption strategy consultant Christopher Vokaty briefly describes Esri's Preparing for Change workshop, which is designed for managers and teams who are modernizing GIS-supported workflows,…

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How Esri Can Help with Geospatial Adoption Strategy and Planning

Esri consultant Michael Green describes the various ways that Esri partners with organizations to support their GIS adoption goals. To learn more about adoption strategy solutions, visit…

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Four Signals That Your Organization Needs a Geospatial Adoption Strategy

Esri consultants Chris Vokaty and Michael Green discuss why addressing the people side of new technology initiatives is important and how a structured, people-focused approach helps ensure everyone…

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Adoption Strategy Sparks Modernization Momentum

Esri consultant Michael Green shares how targeted communications deployed as part of an organization's adoption strategy sparked excitement for an enterprise GIS modernization initiative. To…

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Workshop: Communicating and Collaborating for ArcGIS Success

Positively influencing ArcGIS adoption and gaining buy-in for organizational change requires strong communication skills and an accurate awareness of behavioral styles—your own and those with…

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Communication: The Keystone of a Geospatial Adoption Strategy

GIS is mission-critical technology for thousands of organizations, and many are looking to deploy new ArcGIS capabilities to reap even more benefits. Making a technology vision real, though, relies…

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ArcGIS Adoption Insight Series for Agriculture Conclusion

In this closing discussion, users in agriculture will share their stories of successful change-management endeavors and answer questions regarding the process. Panelists: Christina Kellum (WA State…

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Increase GIS Adoption by Integrating Change Management

How great would it be to tell leaders the complete story: technology and workforce capabilities perfectly aligned to advance your organization's goals? Join this interactive workshop and explore…

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ArcGIS Adoption Strategy Insight Series for Agriculture - Introduction

Achieving the operational benefits of precision and smart farming relies on a successful adoption of new technologies and mindsets. In this series, experts will share key insights on the challenges…

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ArcGIS Adoption Strategy Insight Series: The Importance of Workforce Development

Learn how to create a strategic plan that will develop required workforce skills and establish capacity to sustain geospatial workflows. Session 7 in an 8-part series.

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ArcGIS Adoption Strategy Insight Series: Overinvest in Communication

A comprehensive communications plan is essential to drive change. Get tips to craft targeted messages that will resonate with your audiences. Session 6 in an 8-part series.

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ArcGIS Adoption Strategy Insight Series: Overcoming Barriers to Adoption

Discover common reasons why change efforts fail and proactive tactics you can use to identify and overcome objections to adopting new workflows. Session 5 in an 8-part series.

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ArcGIS Adoption Strategy Insight Series: Communicating Your Value

Get tips to engage leaders and earn support for your initiatives by communicating how GIS solves problems and advances key business objectives. Session 4 of series. Visit the ArcGIS Adoption…

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