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Plenary Act 2 Reaction

Mansour Raad and Ankita Bakshi are joined by Maria-Alicia Serrano to discuss key moments in the Plenary's second act.

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Plenary Act 3 Preview

Ryan Lanclos and Emily Swenson share what to expect from the plenary's finale.

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Frunzi's Five

Nick Frunzi suggests what to do, where to eat, where to drink, and what to see in San Diego when you aren't at the User Conference.

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Welcome Back to San Diego!

Esri's User Conference is back in-person!

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Introducing the Map Gallery

Marcella and Tiffany share how to get the most of the 2022 map gallery, both online and at the conference.

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Tech it Out

Esri tech experts share the latest developments in ArcGIS Pro, Online, and Enterprise, then ask for your input on what should come next!

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Expo Floor Tour

Marcella Cavallaro and Tiffany Glenn walk through the many offerings of the User Conference's Expo Floor.

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Plenary Act 2 Preview

Mansour Raad and Ankita Bakshi discuss what's coming up in Act 2.

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Our Hosts' Act 1 Highlights

Marcella Cavallaro and Tiffany Glenn share their favorite moments from Act 1.

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Plenary Act 1 Reaction

Ryan Lanclos and Christie Pleiss reflect on the first act and bring one of its participants onto the UCCL stage.

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Plenary Act 1 Preview

Ryan Lanclos and Christie Pleiss discuss what they're most excited to hear in the first act of Jack's plenary.

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Welcome to UC Central Live 2022!

Hosts Marcella Cavallaro and Tiffany Glenn introduce themselves and deliver a special message from Dr. Rae Wynn-Grant.

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