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ArcGIS GeoEvent Server: Best Practices

Interested in learning the ins and outs for being successful with the Real-Time Visualization and Analytics capabilities in ArcGIS? Get insight into intermediate and advanced topics for deploying…

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ArcGIS GeoEvent Server: Applying Real-Time Analytics

ArcGIS GeoEvent Server enables you to connect to and analyze virtually any type of streaming data. Push spatial data to web applications, data stores, or automatically alert personnel when specific…

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ArcGIS Velocity: Applying Real-Time and Big Data Analytics

ArcGIS Velocity is a real-time and big data analysis capability in ArcGIS Online. Join the discussion showcasing how to create real-time analytics to detect incidents of interest from continuous…

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What's New ArcGIS Velocity June 2023

Learn about new features and enhancements in the latest release of ArcGIS Velocity (June 2023).

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ArcGIS Maps SDK for JavaScript: Real-Time Data Visualization and Analytics

Learn how you can make your web applications come alive by integrating real time data using streamed data feeds and the ArcGIS Maps SDK for JavaScript. In this session we will explore various types…

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Leveraging Real-Time Capabilities in Your Apps

Learn how to build apps that allow you to connect to, visualize and analyze real-time feeds. In ArcGIS, you can use ArcGIS Velocity and GeoEvent Server to connect to feeds, analyze them in real-time…

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ArcGIS GeoEvent Server: Extending Capabilities with the SDK

ArcGIS GeoEvent Server is extensible, allowing you to create your own input and output connectors as well as real-time analytic processors. Learn how you can add your own connectors to receive and…

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ArcGIS Velocity: Custom Data Ingestion with gRPC and HTTP

ArcGIS Velocity supports extensible real-time data ingestion through gRPC (generic Remote Procedure Call) and HTTP. Learn how to get started building standalone apps to push real-time data into…

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