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Raster Analytics

Joshua Grail shows how ArcGIS provides hosted imagery capabilities with visualization and raster analytics in the cloud, allowing organizations to share image services across federal agencies and…

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Share a raster dataset as a web imagery layer from ArcGIS Pro to ArcGIS Enterprise

Learn how to share a raster dataset as a web imagery layer from ArcGIS Pro to your ArcGIS Enterprise portal.

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Multidimensional Raster Symbology in ArcGIS Pro

Learn how to symbolize multidimensional rasters in ArcGIS Pro. Improvements to this functionality are available starting in ArcGIS Pro 3.2.

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Spatial Analyst: Finding the Best Locations Using the Suitability Modeler

Suitability modeling addresses a wide range of applications including identifying the best place to site a housing development or corporate headquarters or what areas to conserve for a park or…

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Spatial Analyst: Applications and Use Cases

This session demonstrates the power raster analysis to solve some of the most common real-world problems. Through a series of use cases and applications scenarios we will highlight the frequently…

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Quick Image Classification Accuracy Assessment in ArcGIS Pro

Would you like to assess the accuracy of your image classification without manually labeling the control points with the values from the ground truth class? Learn how to use an existing classified…

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Imagery Analysis in ArcGIS Pro Course

Esri instructor Jordan Duft shares the topics and workflows attendees will learn in this two-day instructor-led course. GIS and imagery analysts who need to transform imagery data into meaningful…

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Using Raster Analytics

Mubarakat Shuaibu and Sarah Eshpeter raster analytics in the cloud can perform advanced analysis at-scale, creating dynamic workflows that can be shared and turned into actionable information to…

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Mapillary Oriented Imagery Widget for ArcGIS Experience Builder

Mapillary’s growing imagery archive includes more than 1.5 billion street-level images, taken using cell phones, action cameras, and 360° cameras, uploaded and shared by people and…

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Working with Imagery Using the ArcGIS API for Python

The ArcGIS API for Python provides comprehensive functionality for working with geospatial data. In this session, we will demonstrate the API’s design and straightforward syntax to work with…

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Automating the Creation of Ortho Mapping Products from Imagery Using ArcPy

In this session, you will learn about ortho mapping product creation using ArcPy. The session will demonstrate how to use ArcPy to automate the production of digital surface models (DSM), digital…

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ArcPy: Working with Raster Data

The integration of map algebra with Python, and the ability to execute analytical tools in ArcPy, opened a new dimension for raster analysis, data management, and the automation of workflows. Using…

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ArcGIS Maps SDK for JavaScript: Working with Imagery

Learn about the core ArcGIS Maps SDK for JavaScript capabilities for working with ArcGIS Online hosted imagery and enterprise image services using tiled and dynamic imagery layers. The session will…

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Analyzing Multidimensional Scientific Data using Python

Scientific data such as climate, weather, and ocean data are multidimensional in nature and commonly stored in multidimensional formats such as netCDF, HDF, GRIB, and Zarr. This session will present…

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Spatial Analytics and Data Science

ArcGIS is a comprehensive spatial analytics system that empowers analysts and data scientists to go beyond simple visualization to detect change, uncover patterns, make predictions, and forecast in…

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ArcGIS Maps SDK for JavaScript

Esri's product manager for the Maps SDK for JavaScript, Julie Powell, along with several product engineers and developers from Esri describe and demonstrate for you brand new tools as well as…

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