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ArcGIS Solutions: Police and Fire

This session will provide an overview to a set of public safety solutions that help police and fire agencies analyze incident data, understand risk, improve operations, and inform internal and…

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Racial and Identity Profiling Act: Data Collection with Survey123

In 2016, the California legislature passed Assembly Bill 953, the Racial and Identity Profiling Act (RIPA). RIPA mandates that California law enforcement agencies collect and report officer-perceived…

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ArcGIS for Police Transparency

Join the Esri Law Enforcement Team as we discuss how your agency can build trust and legitimacy with an easy-to-configure community engagement hub. Police Transparency uses ArcGIS Hub technology to…

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Crime Reduction Strategies Workflow Demo

Accelerate your “smart” crime reduction strategies with an initial operating capability to empower your agency.

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Event Management Workflow Demo

Effectively plan and safely manage special events or critical incidents within your community.

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Station Response Drive Time Analysis Demo

Understand the response coverage and impact of station availability to ensure adequate fire protection for the community.

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Pre-Incident Planning Demo

Pre-incident plans are incredibly valuable to firefighters to help them have a more effective response and improve outcomes.

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Chief’s Briefing Book Demo

Improve the Chief’s access to information so better decisions can be made.

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Tactical Planning Demo

Overview of the tactical operations planning sketch-up app within the law enforcement initial operating capability offer.

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Fire Hydrant Inspection Demo

Inspections can provide access to information on the status and availability of fire hydrants for your community.

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Improving Public Trust & Police Transparency with ArcGIS

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