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2022 SES @ Esri UC: Panel Disscusion with Morning Speakers

James Fallows leads a discussion at the 2022 Senior Executive Summit @ Esri UC with three innovative government leaders on how the geographic approach is being used within their organization to…

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2022 SES @ Esri UC: Ordnance Survey

At the 2022 Senior Executive Summit @ Esri UC, Dave Henderson, Chief Geospatial Officer from Ordnance Survey discusses how GIS is mission-critical to the United Kingdom, and how data is feeding other…

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2017 Esri Partner Conference – Ordnance Survey GB

Jo Shannon, Head of Engineering at Ordnance Survey GB, discusses her organization’s partnership with Esri and how its customers benefit from greater access to spatial data.

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2019 SES at Esri UC: Panel Discussion

James Fallows welcomes back the morning speakers to participate in a panel discussion on what GIS tools are coming for their organization that they are most excited about and what the main challenges…

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2019 SES at Esri UC: Ordnance Survey GB

Efficiency and coordination are needed when you make over 20,000 changes a day to a database of over 500 million geographic features for an entire nation. Ordnance Survey GB, the National Mapping…

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Ordnance Survey - Great Britain

Ordnance Survey fully automated map production of their OS VectorMap Local from their high resolution geospatial gis database of a half billion features using Esri ArcGIS with huge benefits to…

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Applying GIS to Issues of National Importance

ArcGIS is your system of engagement to share valuable information for evidence-based decision making. Discover how national governments are disseminating valuable information products to empower…

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Modernizing National Government

National governments are using ArcGIS to transform workflows and meet the needs of citizens. Participants will learn how to achieve significant return on investment by leveraging innovative…

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