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Where's my Meeting? Indoor Routing and Tracking with Xamarin iOS

In this session we'll introduce Example Apps and explore the process of building the first Xamarin Example App - the Indoor Navigation App. We'll start with a review of the steps we went…

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Make and Use Mobile Map Packages in Field Maps

In this video you’ll learn how to create a mobile map package in ArcGIS Pro and use that map package in ArcGIS Field Maps. The map and mmpk seen in this video were created using the Create a…

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How to configure the ArcGIS AppStudio Map Viewer Template

This video demonstrates step-by-step on how to create an app using ArcGIS AppStudio Map Viewer template and then previewing on the mobile device within the ArcGIS AppStudio Player.

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Building ArcGIS Apps for Offline Use

ArcGIS Software Developer, Mark Baird, demonstrates how to use ArcGIS Pro to prepare data for offline use. He also shows new and improved capabilities for building apps engineered for offline or…

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Explorer for ArcGIS: Creating and Sharing Markup

Replace your paper maps and pens using Explorer's markup tools. Create annotations and share them with field workers or even with the back office of your organization to verify and validate GIS…

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Explorer for ArcGIS: Using the Compass Tool

Use the compass tool to find where you are relative to your organization's assets. Even in remote environments with no connection, get instant direction bearings to where you want to go. The…

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Explorer for ArcGIS: Working Offline

Take your maps offline using the Explorer app and access it even in remote areas. Stay connected to your GIS data to inform your field work. Replace your clipboards and paper maps with a single,…

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