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Iron Horse Midstream, LLC

In this presentation, Iron Horse Midstream, LLC shares how ArcGIS is simplifying data collection from field work, resulting in a growth of operational efficiency across the organization.

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PUG 2021 Pipeline: Session Q&A

Open discussion with guest presenters about their work, challenges faced, and next…

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PUG 2021 Pipeline: Enhanced Intelligence for Corridor Surveillance

Edward Feuerstein presented how Barr Air Patrol is utilizing their new Tallon 360 system to capture oblique imagery during routine pipeline ROW patrol. This imagery, captured during the aerial patrol…

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PUG 2021 Pipeline: Implementing Mobility Capabilities at Enterprise Products

Enterprise Products, in collaboration with Global Information Systems, has been working to implement a replacement for their legacy mobile data collection system. Standardizing on the Esri mobile…

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PUG 2021 Pipeline: Analyzing Weather Data for Pipeline Safety

Sean Holms of ONEOK, and Matt Gaffner of DTN presented how their companies collaborated to enable decision making using weather data in proximity to ONEOK key facilities. From severe storm warnings,…

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PUG 2021 Pipeline: Boardwalk Pipeline - System of Engagement

Boardwalk Pipeline has been executing a multi-year, phased approach, to upgrading their system of engagement to reach a wider user audience within their organization. Phillip Blondin discussed the…

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PUG 2021 Pipeline: Offshore HCA Analysis

Matt Horn of RPS discussed how operators that have traditionally performed HCA analysis for onshore liquid pipelines have now turned their attention to performing similar analysis for offshore pipes.…

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PUG 2021 Pipeline: Pipeline Industry Overview

Pipeline Operators today are facing many challenges, both technically and financially, around the modernization of their core systems of record. GIS staff are asked to do more with less resources.…

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Esri 2017 Petroleum GIS Conference: Optimizing Gas Supply

At the Esri 2017 Petroleum GIS Conference ONEOK, a leading midstream company, demonstrates how they created an internal web GIS application that optimizes their gas supply workflows using both…

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