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Optimizing Your Network: Adequacy, Configuration & Equity through GIS

Dive into the transformative potential of GIS technology for optimizing network health. Esri subject matter experts discuss the pivotal role of patient access calculations in assessing overall…

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Digitizing Healthcare Operations: Streamlining with ArcGIS Indoors

Learn how to revolutionize the operations of your health-care facility by harnessing the power of digital twin technology. This webinar showcases the strategic implementation of ArcGIS Indoors in…

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How well do you really know the communities you serve?

What if you had a totally different way of understanding your community? The geographic approach offers greater awareness about a community's thoughts, needs, behaviors, and circumstances. In…

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How GIS has Made a Difference at Texas Children's Hospital | Lightning Talk

Texas Children's Hospital is the largest children's hospital in the United States, so the use of GIS is essential to delivering quality care, and efficient operations. Charles Summerhill…

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Bringing GIS Indoors

Mark Zirkelbach from Loma Linda University Health and Dr. Vikram Kumar from Riverside University Health System showcase their cutting-edge use Indoor GIS technology to optimizes space planning,…

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Aligning with Strategy: A Study in Proactive Innovation | Rasu Shrestha, Atrium Health

Rasu Shrestha from Atrium Health, a large health system in the southeast describes how his organization uses GIS to optimize operations, with a special focus on the vulnerable populations in their…

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Esri 2017 SES: Countering Epidemics

Dr.Kamran Khan explains how analysis of globalization and mobility helps prevent epidemics, at the Esri Senior Executive Summit (SES) 2017.

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