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Esri Executive Briefing Program

Interested to understand what an Executive Brief is and how it can benefit you? Watch this video to learn about what to expect when you visit Esri.

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Create a Guided Tour of Your Plan

With a digital guided tour, you can share multiple scenarios or phases related to a plan update or development project. In this tutorial, learn how to create a guided tour using a custom application…

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Use ArcGIS StoryMaps to Share Plan Scenarios

With ArcGIS StoryMapsâ„ , you can create stories to give readers background information on a plan update and the various scenarios being considered for rezoning or new land use designations. When…

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ArcGIS Hub: Collaborating and Engaging Your Community on Projects

ArcGIS Hub helps organizations collaborate and engage with their communities. In this session, you will learn how to manage and organize real-world projects and initiatives, communicate progress…

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ArcGIS Solutions: Public Works and DOTs

This session will provide an overview of a set of public works and transportation solutions that help state and local governments maintain right-of-way assets, coordinate capital investments, and…

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What's New in ArcGIS Hub June 2023 and Road Ahead

ArcGIS Hub is a Cloud-based engagement platform that helps you work more effectively with your community. The latest release of ArcGIS Hub introduces exciting tools for community engagement. Learn…

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3 Strategies For Practical Digital Engagement in Urban Planning

ArcGIS Urban and ArcGIS Hub provide a fresh approach increasing flexibility and accessibility for more inclusive community decision-making.

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ArcGIS Hub: Best Practices for Site Creation and Content Management

Organizations around the world are using ArcGIS Hub to engage communities, promote transparency, collaborate across departments, and make critical data open and accessible. Attend this session to get…

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Esri Connect - Portland, Oregon

A virtual, open question forum featuring speakers, Kory Kramer and Valeria Chavez, ArcGIS Pro Product Managers. Attendees have the opportunity to engage and reconnect with Esri users in the Portland,…

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Local Voices, Local Choices: The Tacare Approach to Community-Led Conservation | Official Esri Press Book Trailer

Discover Jane Goodall's unique community-led approach to conservation and the local communities in Africa who've changed their livelihoods for generations because of it. Local Voices, Local…

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Esri Connect - Denver

A virtual, open question forum featuring Kory Kramer, ArcGIS Pro Product Manager. Attendees have the opportunity to engage and reconnect with Esri users in the Denver community.

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Esri Connect - New York

A virtual, open question forum featuring David Watkins and Kory Kramer, ArcGIS Pro Product Managers. Attendees have the opportunity to engage and reconnect with Esri users in the New York community.

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Community Conservation in Tanzania and the Roots & Shoots Program

To be effective, conservation decisions should be owned by local communities and address the interconnected needs of people, other species, and their shared environment. Tacare is a holistic…

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[Esri France] ArcGIS Hub

Présenté par Gaetan Lavenu Changez votre façon d’impliquer vos concitoyens et d’interagir avec eux au sein de votre collectivité ArcGIS Hub vous propose une…

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Equitable Property Value Update

Check out the newly released ArcGIS Solutions site and how to access the Assessment and Taxation solutions. We will go into detail on the benefits of Esri's public engagement solution - the…

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Fostering Stakeholder Engagement

Mercy Health's GIS manager, Molly Freeman, reviews how to get stakeholders involved in your GIS projects. Molly works for a not-for-profit healthcare system and strives every day to see how she…

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