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What's New in Field Maps | February 2024

Many exciting new features are now available with the February 2024 release of the ArcGIS Field Maps web and mobile apps. Watch this video to learn more about these new features.Video Sections: Text…

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Extent control in ArcGIS Pro

Learn about the improvements to extent control in ArcGIS Pro 3.2.

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Pick a coordinate system from the layers in your map in ArcGIS Pro

Pick a projected coordinate system for you map based on the layers included in your map. Check the details of the coordinate systems to confirm they are appropriate for your map.

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Find the right coordinate system in ArcGIS Pro

Make sure your current map matches the other maps in your study by finding the corresponding projected coordinate system.

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Create a custom coordinate system in ArcGIS Pro

Learn how to create a custom coordinate system for when no existing projected coordinate system is right for your region of interest.

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Choose a projected coordinate system for a map in ArcGIS Pro

Learn more about what projected coordinate systems are and why they are important to use.

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Use Literally Anything but Web Mercator

While the Mercator projection was handy for navigation in the days of early explorers, and its web version is a default for web maps and apps today, the Web Mercator projection is not a good choice…

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Lining Up Your Data in ArcGIS

Projects usually combine data from different sources and with different spatial references. Often, your data layers don’t line up due to problems with coordinate systems and/or transformations.…

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Use Anything Other than Web Mercator!

The Web Mercator coordinate system has become the standard for many web maps and services. Unfortunately, Web Mercator is not a very good coordinate system. This short presentation will discuss why…

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Introducing Coordinate Systems and Transformations

What are coordinate systems? What should I know about vertical coordinate systems? Why should I care about geographic (datum) and vertical transformations? The software just handles them…

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