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Display full paths to Catalog items in ArcGIS Pro

By default, ArcGIS Pro only shows folder names in the Catalog pane. If you have two folders with the same name it can be difficult to tell them apart. Learn how to display full paths to Catalog items.

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ArcGIS: A Practical Approach to Metadata, Catalog, and Search

Should working with metadata really be that hard? The FAIR data principles reiterate the value of metadata to make content Findable, Accessible, Interoperable, and Reusable (FAIR). How might the…

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Introducing ArcGIS Pro

See how to work with the main components of the ArcGIS Pro interface: the ribbon, views, and panes. Follow the scripted tutorial for the current version of ArcGIS Pro in the ArcGIS Pro documentation.

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Supporting Coastal and Marine Spatial Planning with WCODP

The West Coast Ocean Data Portal, in support of West Coast States and Tribes, highlights recent regional data synthesis efforts for kelp, littoral cells and marine protected areas. The WCOPD…

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