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Evolving the Dialogue Between IT and Public Works

As one of the largest public works agencies in the nation, Houston Public Works needs to leverage advanced tools and a geospatial approach to deliver service and improve operations. Director Carol…

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Managing Operations and Facilities with Indoor Mapping

At the 2023 Esri Public Sector CIO Summit, Tamara Davis, GIS Manager for King County, WA will explore how the county is modernizing facilities management through Indoor GIS.

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Duke Energy Security Leveraging GIS

With crime rates rising and public disruptions threatening routine work, Duke Energy is launching a GIS-based Threat Awareness Portal to improve the safety and security of their employees as they…

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Increase Work Order Efficiency with ArcGIS Indoors

Manage your facility work orders in ArcGIS Indoors to save an average of 11.6 minutes per work order. For more information, please visit:…

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ArcGIS Field Maps: Workforce Coordination

Field operation activities require planning, awareness, and communication between associates in the field and in the office. Integrating ArcGIS Field Maps and ArcGIS Workforce enables end-to-end…

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ArcGIS Online for Small Utilities

Managing infrastructure has never been more important than it is today. A quick, simple, and affordable way to create a digital asset inventory and network map is now available to organizations like…

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Pat Hohl | Interview with Esri Press

Watch Pat Hohl, Esri’s director of Electric Industry Solutions and co-editor of "Delivering Water and Power: GIS for Utilities," talk with Esri Press Content Strategist and book…

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Create a Safe Workplace with Indoor GIS

Modernize your floor plan data management by converting building information modeling (BIM) and computer-aided design (CAD) data into geospatial data using ArcGIS Indoors. With the ArcGIS Indoors…

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ArcGIS Indoors & Returning to Work

ArcGIS Indoors organizes CAD, BIM, and other operational datasets into floor-aware indoor maps that support facilities, workplace, operations, and maintenance applications. For more information,…

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ArcGIS Indoors for Work Order Management

Manage your facility work orders in ArcGIS Indoors to save an average of 11.6 minutes per work order. Learn more at…

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Airfield Inspections and Safety: Part 139 with ArcGIS

Airport operations staff are required to conduct daily airfield inspections to ensure safe operations. Inspectors are required to review the operational condition of many critical airfield assets…

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Inside the Office of Esri

For more information about a career at Esri, please visit: --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Follow us on…

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Automate Workflows with Integromat | ArcGIS QuickCapture

This video shows how to set up a workflow in Integromat to send automated email notifications for an ArcGIS QuickCapture project. To learn more about ArcGIS QuickCapture, visit the ArcGIS…

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ArcGIS Survey123: Create Feature Reports with Integromat

This video shows how to do even more with your ArcGIS Survey123 workflows by using webhooks in Integromat to automate feature reports from your surveys. To learn more, please visit:…

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ArcGIS Survey123: Automate Workflows with Integromat

This video shows how to set up a workflow in Integromat to send automated email notifications from a survey. To learn more, please visit:

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#EsriExperience: Making an Impact | Learn More About Working at Esri

Our teams enable humanitarian efforts across the globe from fighting Ebola to supporting victims of Hurricane Harvey. Meet Salim Sawaya, a manager on the Nonprofit and Global Organizations Team. He…

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