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Digital Twin

Scott Noulis shows how ArcGIS is the foundation for a Digital Twin. GIS enhances data capture and integration, enables better real-time visualization, provides advanced analysis and automation of…

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Scott McEachern, The Omega Group

Scott McEachern stops by to talk about his 20 year partnership with Esri.

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ArcGIS Maps for Power BI

Power BI has built-in mapping capabilities and can use ESRI's ArcGIS mapping service to enhance your geospatial reports. This session will cover the capabilities that you can take advantage of…

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ArcGIS Maps for Microsoft Office: An Introduction

ArcGIS Maps for Office is an application integration that enables the use of Esri’s Location Platform, ArcGIS with Microsoft Office. You can quickly create dynamic, interactive maps of your…

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Colorado Brightfields: Geodesign Renewable Energy

In 2018, Colorado's newly-elected governor, Jared Polis, set an ambitious energy agenda for the state that included the conversion of the state's electrical grid to 100% renewable energy…

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Routing & Logistics

Learn how enhanced navigation and routing capabilities in ArcGIS can help organizations spend less time in trucks and more time in the field to achieve a higher level of operational efficiency,…

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What's New in ArcGIS Online

In this demonstration, see the enhancements in ArcGIS Online that help enable sharing and collaboration and allow organizations to simplify the creation of content, transforming user engagement…

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PUG 2021 Operations: Maximizing Location of Your Field Staff

Scott Noulis of Esri shows how you can leverage Esri Mobility Applications along with ArcGIS Velocity to know the location of your field staff throughout the day when conducting line of sight…

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Improving Accessibility Through Network Adequacy Review | Panel Discussion

Dr. Linette Scott from the California Department of Health Care Services leads a panel discussion on the use of GIS for network adequacy with Nancy Leathers of the Veterans Health Administration and…

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Focused Maps and Apps for Quick Success | Scott Oppmann, Esri

The ArcGIS platform provides numerous ways to share geographic information among departments, with executives, and with the public. Scott Oppmann, Esri explores the ArcGIS Solutions that amplify the…

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Modernizing Alabama's Public Health Department with GIS | Dr. Scott Harris, Alabama PHD

Dr. Scott Harris, Director of Public Health, State of Alabama, presents a leading example of GIS use across a modern public health department at the 2021 Esri Health and Human Services GIS…

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Extending ArcGIS Maps for Sharepoint

ArcGIS Maps for SharePoint is an integrated application that enables the use of Esri’s ArcGIS Platform. You can quickly create dynamic, interactive maps of your SharePoint data and start…

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Introduction to Explorer for ArcGIS

Interested in how Explorer if changing? Want to see demos of the exciting new feature coming in the next release of this field app. This workshop will walk through the key features that will be part…

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Esri 2012 UC Tech Session: Spatial Statistics: Best Practices

Lauren Bennett and Lauren Scott present an analytical workflow from start to finish.

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Esri 2011 UC Tech Session: Spatial Statistics: Best Practices

Lauren Rosenshein and Lauren Scott present an analytical workflow and teach in detail how spatial pattern analysis and regression tools can be used and applied to your work. They talk about the art…

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Plan a Route in ArcGIS Online and Use it in Navigator

ArcGIS provides many tools for routing and transportation network analysis. Once this routing and analysis is completed in the office (say in ArcGIS Pro or ArcGIS Online) – then what? How do…

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