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Ensuring Your GIS is Secure

Esri's Chief Information Security Officer Michael Young discusses how Esri is working to address security concerns and the critical government responsibilities that are frequently overlooked and…

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PUG 2021 HSE/CSR: Session Q&A

Open discussion with guest presenters about their work, challenges faced, and next…

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PUG 2021 HSE/CSR: Managing your Field Personnel during an Incident

Despite the best preparations, sometimes incidents will happen; when they do you need to be able to effectively manage your field personnel. Darron Pustam, Esri will discuss a new release of ArcGIS…

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PUG 2021 HSE/CSR: Emergency Response Planning

As part of their Digital Transformation plan, BP wanted to move away from static paper-based information, to a system that would allow them to respond quickly and appropriately in case of a refinery…

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PUG 2021 HSE/CSR: Assess, Mitigate, Monitor - Preventing Incidents Caused by Internal Corrosion

Anji Bordelon, Champion X discusses how optimizing maintenance workflows with the help of Insights and ArcGIS Dashboards has helped Champion X to prevent potentially dangerous and costly incidents in…

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PUG 2021 HSE/CSR: Navigating Colorado's Regulatory Environment

This year a new law was passed in Colorado that increased drilling and completion setbacks from homes and businesses from 500ft to 2,000ft, affecting many operators. Andy Bonhoff, Platte River…

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PUG 2021 HSE/CSR: Monitoring Methane Emissions through the use of Imagery and IoT

See how to monitor methane emissions by leveraging new imagery services and connecting to IoT sensors in the field. …

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PUG 2021 HSE/CSR: How Oxy’s Low Carbon Ventures Team Utilize GIS

Vanda Juhasz, Occidental Petroleum will share how GIS is helping to support the transition of Oxy into a carbon neutral company, by describing practical examples of implemented workflows and how…

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PUG 2021 HSE/CSR: Industry Overview

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) are taking on higher priority, as companies strive towards a more sustainable future. The session will cover setting…

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Esri 2016 UC: City of New Orleans

Civic Responsibility - Changing Our Approach

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