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Smart 3D City Web Apps with the ArcGIS API for JavaScript

In this session we will demonstrate how the ArcGIS API for JavaScript can help you build a web app to visualize, interact with and analyze a 3D city from an urban planning point of view. The focus is…

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High-End 3D Visualization with CityEngine, Unity and Unreal

Interactive experiences, whether on the screen or in VR/AR, are the next big step in 3D GIS. In this session, you will get an introductory guide to Unity and Unreal, the leading game engines. You…

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Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) with ArcGIS

Get an overview of the state of the art in VR/AR and learn how to create VR/AR experiences with Esri technology. First, we will present the ArcGIS 360 VR app, a mobile solution to quickly review…

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