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ArcGIS Drone2Map Shorts - Radiometric Calibration

Learn how multispectral data can be calibrated for surface reflectance using the radiometric calibration window.

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Living Atlas: An Introduction to Imagery Content

This session will cover all the basics for imagery in the Living Atlas. We will summarize recent updates to the imagery basemaps as well as new and existing dynamic imagery offerings for Earth…

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ArcGIS Pro: Machine Learning Classification for Impervious Surfaces

Many local government institutions use impervious surfaces (i.e. roads, roofs, and sidewalks) to calculate the stormwater bill for a property. In this demo, learn how to use machine learning…

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Managing and Using Planet Imagery in ArcGIS Pro

With the Python toolbox for managing Planet imagery, users can create mosaic datasets to manage Planet imagery within the familiar ArcGIS environment. Mosaic datasets make it straightforward for GIS…

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Image Management in ArcGIS Pro: Working with Raster Products

Raster products make it easier to work intuitively with imagery from supported sensors. Multispectral images can include hundreds of files. With raster products, ArcGIS Pro automatically detects the…

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