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Characterization of Underwater Ecosystems

Technological advances nowadays are useful to collect precise information regarding geomorphologic seabed characteristics that determine the distribution of marine biodiversity, facilitating…

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Enabling a Geospatial Ecosystem to Address the Emergency Generated by COVID-19 in Panama

Dr. Felix Correa and Eng. Juan Jose Pimento from Panama discuss their work to respond to COVID-19 using GIS, at the 2021 Esri Health and Human Services GIS Conference, including strategic planning…

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Evolving Ourselves–Redesigning the Future of Humanity

In just 150 years, the human species has changed. We have redesigned our world and our bodies, while at the same time, becoming an ever more domesticated and smarter species, one that lives far…

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App Design and CSS Styling with the ArcGIS API for JavaScript v4

This session will illustrate how to leverage the new ArcGIS API for JavaScript API to build effective web map apps. This includes taking an inside look at the View and UI framework, the CSS, and the…

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Customizing the ArcGIS API for JavaScript Widgets

In this session, we'll cover how you can customize widgets in the ArcGIS API 4.x for JavaScript. You'll learn about widget view-models and how they make it easy to rewrite a widget's…

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JavaScript Widgets

ArcGIS API for Javascript engineer Juan Carlos Franco shows how to use the new and improved web widgets, such as: coordinate conversion widget, layer list info panel widget, and a legend widget that…

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Esri Business Summit 2016: WSP|PB Colombia

Juan Carrillo provides insight into how one of the largest multinational engineering and design firms uses GIS for its Colombian projects.

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