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Living Atlas: Live Feed Maps and Workflows for Disaster Response

In this session, you will learn how disaster response data that support natural hazard mitigation planning and impact assessment are automatically updated using live feeds. Best practices for…

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Intersection Between Natural Hazards, Climate Change and Renewable Energy

Deployment of clean, renewable energy at scale is a critical strategy to combat climate change. At the same time, we are seeing growing losses from natural hazard impacts as climate change increases…

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Building a Safe and Resilient Future

In today’s modern world, organizations must contend with risks that are more complex, interconnected, and systemic than ever before. From natural, technological, and human-caused threats and…

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Quick Wins to Disaster Recovery Spatial Planning

"How PRC manages volunteers and logistics during events with ArcGIS. PRC digitization of Vulnerability and Capacity Assessment (VCA) - VCA is a tool used to collect, analyze, and manage…

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Crash and Traffic Planning Maps and Apps

In this webinar, we discuss the new crash analysis and traffic planning solutions and how a series of ArcGIS for Local Government maps and apps can be configured to identify roadway hazards and…

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Esri 2017 SES: NEMAC

How can GIS help respond to environmental challenges such as wildfire, drought, hurricanes, and flooding? Watch this presentation from Esri Senior Executive Summit (SES) 2017.

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