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Real-Time Collaboration with ArcGIS Mission

Get a sneak peek of a new product in the works that will enable teams of people to collaborate and share situational awareness information with each other. ArcGIS Mission will allow mobile…

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ArcGIS Pro SDK for .NET: Customizing Layout

This session provides an overview of the Layout API with a focus on GraphicFactory and ElementFactory, new at 3.0. It will include layout and element creation, modification of existing elements, and…

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Summary of Day 1

Join us as we recount the day's events and prepare for day 2 before heading to the welcome and expo social.

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Geospatial Transformation of the National Operations Center

The DHS Operations Directorate National Operations Center (NOC) in partnership with the Geospatial Management Office have transformed the situational awareness capabilities supporting the DHS…

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Advances in GIS Integration at Ohio EMA

Ohio EMA has improved its deliverables to many end users using Esri technology by modernizing our platform and toolbox to assist the Ohio EMA in evaluating and disseminating the status of critical…

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Keynote Closing

Join us as we conclude the discussion about how the geographic approach helps organizations prepare and adapt to a rapidly changing world, and better respond and recover from significant events.

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ArcGIS Mission: Operational Intelligence for the Field

The ArcGIS Platform provides Situational Awareness in a number of ways. We can connect to real time feeds, track users in the field, perform field data collection, plan, and monitor events, and more.…

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Building a Safe and Resilient Future - Part 2

Join us as we continue the discussion about how the geographic approach helps organizations prepare and adapt to a rapidly changing world, and better respond and recover from significant events.

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Brian Haslam, CityWorks

Brian Haslam liked the Esri Partner Program so much that he created one of his own at CityWorks.

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Getting Started with Web Development - ArcGIS API for JavaScript

Join us for an overview on developing with the ArcGIS API for JavaScript. This session will cover the basics of setting up your development environment, fundamental debugging techniques, and tips for…

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ArcGIS StoryMaps: What's New

ArcGIS StoryMaps keeps getting better! In this Esri UC 2021 tech session recording, you can see added updates and enhancements that expand the authoring tools for creative storytelling and improve…

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Where's my Meeting? Indoor Routing and Tracking with Xamarin iOS

In this session we'll introduce Example Apps and explore the process of building the first Xamarin Example App - the Indoor Navigation App. We'll start with a review of the steps we went…

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Automating Distributed Raster Analysis using the Image Server REST API

This demo theatre presentation gives an introduction of the distributed raster analysis deployment workflow and the Image Server REST API to consume the raster analysis services. Presented by Jie…

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ArcGIS Survey123: An Introduction to Reports

Esri makes generating high quality PDF reports from your Survey123 data simple. In this tech session from the Esri UC 2021, learn how to share results effectively with tables, photos and maps. Our…

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Using GIS to Prepare for Life After High School

GIS is useful for sure, but do research and implementation models show it helps prepare youth for challenges beyond high…

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GIS – Interconnecting National Government, Jack Dangermond, Esri FedGIS 2021 (2-of-4)

Jack Dangermond describes how GIS is interconnecting our nation, helping federal agencies and organizations solve the complex challenges and issues that we face…

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