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Health GIS Beyond COVID-19 in San Bernardino County

The largest county in the U.S. San Bernardino County, highlights how they use GIS to; assist individuals experiencing homelessness, disease surveillance, vector surveillance, and addressing food…

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Health Advocacy Through GIS: Securing Funding for ALS Research

Esri's former solutions engineer, Pat Dolan was diagnosed with ALS in 2016. As he was navigating the disease he learned that it was very hard to locate ALS clinics, support groups and medical…

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Rapid Applications Development in a Time of Crisis

Sherri Penchischen was never a GIS user, until she saw what the tool could do for her. She then took the time to learn GIS and even had her staff go through the trainings with her. Now she uses GIS…

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Community Contact Tracing An Overview

To enhance the process of contact tracing, Esri has introduced the concept of Community Contact Tracing, or the addition of location information to determine the places where viral spread may be…

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Community Contact Tracing: A Method to Modernize and Enhance Contact Tracing

In the earliest stage of an outbreak, contact tracing has always been a robust intervention for containment efforts. However, as an outbreak evolves to pandemic status and transmission advances to…

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Modeling the Human Hand with CityEngine

This video shows a unique and innovative use of CityEngine to track the progress of therapy to improve a patient's ability to grip and extend their fingers using an interactive 3D model of a…

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E360: David Lucero, New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene

Using mapping technology helps health organizations like the New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene understand disease better through spatial and temporal patterns. In 2015, the cause…

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Esri 2017 SES: NYC Data Analytics

How the New York City Data Analytics team responded to and learned from a catastrophe. Watch their presentation from the Esri Senior Executive Summit (SES) 2017.

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Esri 2017 SES: Countering Epidemics

Dr.Kamran Khan explains how analysis of globalization and mobility helps prevent epidemics, at the Esri Senior Executive Summit (SES) 2017.

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