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Real Use Cases for Geospatial Analytics at Scale

We will cover what's new in BDT, while showcasing real world problems being solved by using Big Data Toolkit or GeoAnalytics Engine such as tabulate area, zonal statistics, raster, hot spot…

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PUG 2021 Operations: Apache Corporation - Capitalizing on Value Directed Operations

Three years ago, Apache shared the story of how real-time location-based information can improve operational efficiency and most importantly, the health and safety of their most valuable asset,…

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GeoAnalytics in ArcGIS Pro: Geoprocessing in Parallel Using Apache Spark

An overview of the GeoAnalytics Desktop tools that have been added to ArcGIS Pro. GeoAnalytics Desktop uses Apache Spark to run geoprocessing tools in parallel on ArcGIS Pro so that you can take…

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Geospatial Analytics at Scale with Big Data Toolkit

Esri's Big Data Toolkit (BDT) is a set of tools that enables data scientists, data analysts, data engineers, developers and GIS professionals to perform geospatial operations at scale such as…

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Esri 2018 Petroleum GIS Conference: Reduce Operating Costs with IoT & Field Mobility for ArcGIS Pro

Xavier Berni, Global GIS Manager at Apache Corporation shares their progress in establishing operations control centers to monitor remote field-based production activities. Real-time data is streamed…

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2015 Esri Petroleum GIS Conference: Apache

Bruce Sanderson and Mansour Raad demonstrate how Apache Corporation is using the ArcGIS platform to revolutionize their business.

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